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01/100: Never Go Anywhere Without Clean Underwear

My mother told me that I should always be sure I had clean underwear on. When I was younger, I didn't fully understand what she meant as I always took a shower and had to put clean ones on, as was normal. But as I grew older, I started to understand the meaning that she meant behind it: never go anywhere unprepared.

That's why I have this lesson as my first.

Who here has ever lost something important and spent precious time trying to find it, only to remember that you forgot it on the counter or table at home? I know I have. That feeling of complete helplessness because you don't have your house keys and you have to call someone or climb through the window, or you forgot your homework/documents and you absolutely need them right that minute? It's the worst.

The one time that I remember vividly this happening was Science Fair in the fifth grade.

I had made it to finals with my two friends (as we had the only working volcano), and was supposed to compete with the other two groups that had made it as well. Judges were supposed to come around and look at our projects, giving us points on creativity, originality, use of science, and the fact that we had a project.

To this day, my friends will not let me live it down that I forgot our volcano at home.

I honestly don't know how I did that one. The thing was huge, taking up most of my dining room table. I had to pass it everyday for the week before finals, and everyday I told myself, We're almost there. All we have to do is show them the volcano.

I don't understand why my brain chose that day to fail on me, but it did, and we were disqualified from the competition since we weren't able to produce anything tangible that we worked on.

My friends can laugh about it now, but every time it's brought up, I feel a little guilty that we didn't win because I was unprepared.

So, in order to prevent (as much as possible) the forgetting of anything important, I want you all to ask yourselves before you leave the house: Did I put clean underwear on?
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