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100 Things (Times Two)

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

So, I'll admit; I saw this on a few other Livejournals and found it interesting. I swear, I've read Fic Recs of Epic Proportions, Objects of Fancy Tickling, and Food of YUM! (capitalization and italics needed, of course). So, I thought to myself, "Why not?"

And so, my 100 Things is born.

Now, to warn you, I will say this: I'm planning on two lists. I have one that will be my more personal one that allows me to talk and give "advice". But I will also be doing one that's more reading related (meaning Fanfics and real books galore).

For my first one, I've decided to go with a theme that will last me to the end of this and give me, and hopefully whoever's reading, a few laughs. Therefore, my first list is entitled:

100 Life Lessons (As Learned By Me From Everyday Instances)

For my second, I'm going to rec my all time favorite reading material, broken down into two categories: books and fanfiction. That means my second list is entitled:

100 Stories (Because the World Needs More Reading)

Hope you enjoy them!
Tags: 100 life lessons, 100 stories, 100 things challenge, because i like to rant
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